A Duck Tale

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Combining sound with graphic devices can have a powerful effect. Motion draws an audience’s attention and creates a sense of narrative that leaves a memorable impression.

Tools of the trade

When I was working on my last blog, I discovered a feature called slideshow. Since then I’ve been itching to see it in action. Therefore I decided for this blog I would work with the slideshow feature to tell a story set to music.

This is the result. It ended with being not so much a story as a play on words, which in itself is a form of information design. This particular tool does not allow for selecting timing on photos like some other tools do so the timing is not as tight as is could be – which is a lesson in how important the proper tools of information design can be to the outcome of a project.

I’ve also been conscious of groupings of text of color and weights as per Baer’s instruction.

The slideshow function can be accessed at the top of the page by Upload/Insert.

You add photos in the first tab From Computer and then select the third tab From Gallery select and order your photos and then scroll to the bottom and select Insert Slideshow.

I’ve used the widget tool SoundCloud Audio Player for background music that should play upon blog loading. (Was a job-and-a-half to find this widget…) You’ll need to select a line of code and insert it into the blog post. I know nothing of coding and it wasn’t too hard to do if you follow the instructions.

If someone has a suggestion for a photo to insert before the last slide – suggestions and comments are welcome!

Photos and Cartoons by:me

Music by: Vivaldi


Baer, Kim (2010-02-01). Information Design Workbook: Graphic approaches, solutions, and inspiration + 30 case studies (Kindle Locations 1643-1644). Rockport Publishers. Kindle Edition.


8 thoughts on “A Duck Tale

  1. Your post is interesting because I recently had to create a similar type of slideshow/video for my digital storytelling course. The code is easy to use and I was concerned about it at first because I also don’t know anything about doing it properly. Your narrative explains your show very well and it is always good to try things out of our comfort zone. Keeping the background white with black text doesn’t take anything away from the colorful images and music.
    Amanda W.

  2. Hi there,

    I enjoyed your slideshow, the photos are fabulous and keeps the viewers attention. For some reason, the music would not play for me. It says “Oops, we can’t reach soundcloud.” Maybe it is something my browser is blocking because I see that Amanda was able to hear the audio. I used a similar design tool for my post, Vuvox. I also found that it offered so many options, that I could have really spent hours creating the content. One of the best features of Vuvox was the ability to add “hotspots” to individual slides, which allows you to add text, audio, video, and links to other websites. I thought that was a very intuitive feature. What program did you use to create your slideshow? I liked how it automatically skips from picture to picture, and I think the timing of the switch is perfect. I also liked how you added a few slides that were not photographs to add variety to the presentation.


    • Thank you for the heads up about the sound clip! It seems that the song was removed from soundcloud so I embedded another version. I did not use a specialized program for my slideshow – it is an option presented by wordpress and when I saw it existed I needed to try it:)
      Thank you for your comment!

  3. Your post has everything a student designer would ever want. You have cool web2.0 technology, quality photos, headings, and a well respected quote. I think that it is great that you shared some information on how to use “slideshow”. Even if someone is comfortable using these tools, they can gain from your instructions. For example, I have used more of these tools than I can count. However, I have never heard of slideshow. I am constantly looking for new ways to present “stuff”. I could assess your instructions and determine if I want to spend the time “warming up” to a new tool. Outstanding job as usual!

  4. I wouldn’t have realized it but what you are saying is really true. I to am always looking for new ways to present things. The downside of trying new tools is that you spend time you don’t have learning a new tools capacities only to find it lacks the usability or flexibility your project calls for…
    What a nice thing to say, Thank you!

  5. I, like Amanda, have had some recent experience with similar for my Digital Storytelling class. I agree that the timing of the music and the speed of the photos is very important. Some tools let you create more freely by allowing you to time your photo changes better while some are more restrictive with changing the photo after so many seconds and the same time is used for ALL the photos. I enjoyed your video 🙂 Nicely put together and the music woke me up 🙂 I also like your simple background and color of text which does not take away from the information that you are presenting.

    • Digital storytelling…sounds intriguing. Did you enjoy it?
      I think timing in visual storytelling is everything. As an aside I remember reading in a biography on Sammy Davis Jr. about a movie he starred in that was a bomb. They say ‘it died on the editing floor.’ When you think about it – it makes sense becuase timing – especially when it comes to humor – is everything. I felt the timing constrains somewhat here but luckily the pictures were good enough to hold the attention and the storyline not to complicated to really be affected.
      Thanks for the comment,

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